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Binary Options and Foreign Exchange Services

what are binary options?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “trading”? – It’s probably numbers, constantly changing indices, quotes and profit which has to do with certain ways of calculating and it was, until binary options came to market. You don’t have to be an expert in economics to trade profitably in binary options. As it is a form of investing which requires you to spend some time learning how it works and how to make accurate predictions in order to be able to make substantial profit. However, the process itself is much easier but requires expertise.

Most forms of trading imply that an investor is actually buying an asset and his profit depend on the changing value of the asset over various periods of time and that’s what we do here. The basics are fairly simple: based on market tendencies and some other factors, a trader makes prediction about movement of prices of various assets, which most commonly are currency pairs, commodities and stocks.

What assets can be traded?

Most commonly they are currency pairs, stock commodities, indices and other assets. One of the reasons Binary Options have become so popular is the simplicity of the process: there are just two types of predictions that are required: a trader should decide if the price of the chosen asset will increase or decrease. He then chooses how much he wants to invest and the expiration time of the deal. A trader profits from the return rate, which is stated before the option starts – that makes the outcome perfectly clear. For example, a trader thinks that in two hours the price of EURUSD pair will be higher than at the moment and chooses to invest $10,000 with 80% return rate. If after few selected hours the price goes up, – he receives $18,000 to the account. If it goes down the loss is only the initial investment. Our trading systems boasts of a far greater winning percentage to that of likely losses and this is how we have been able to keep our investors and guarantee the safety of your funds.

trading Terminologies

What is forex?

Forex simply means foreign exchange and is the global, decentralized trading market of the world’s currencies. Traders, investors, banks and exchange companies buy, sell and speculate on these currencies, and in turn this activity determines the foreign exchange rates.

How does forex trading work?

To trade forex is to buy and sell currencies – with the aim of making a profit. Forex trading will always involve two currencies at a time, the base currency and the quote currency. The difference in price is where you’ll make your profit or loss.

What are currency pairs?

Foreign exchange is all about speculating on the fluctuating currencies between two countries. These two currencies are referred to as ‘currency pairs’ and they’re made up of the base currency and the quote currency. The most traded currency pair of all is the Euro against the US Dollar, which is normally presented as EUR/USD.

What is a quote currency?

This is the second currency that appears in the pair, and is also known as the ‘counter currency’. In the example above, the USD is the quote currency.

What is a bid price?

This is the price that a trader is willing to buy a currency pair at. It fluctuates constantly.

Price Action: A Key Aspect in Trading

Price action is a trading technique that allows a trader to read the market and make subjective trading decisions based on the recent and actual price movements as well as its position.

what is a position?

A position is a trade which is currently in progress. In trading, you can get long positions and short positions:

  • Long position: this is when the trader has bought a currency with the expectation that it will increase. Once the currency is sold back, the long position is considered closed.
  • Short position: this is when the trader has sold a currency with the expectation that it will decrease. Once the currency is bought back, the short position is considered closed.

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